A Selected Mary Osborne Discography Listed Chronologically

Many of these recordings are available on CD and in some anthologies. Search the Internet CD services for recordings by the leaders mentioned below. Most of these can be found on out of print vinyl. The recordings Osborne made as leader are generally unavailable except on vinyl. A small number of additional recordings from the 1940ís are included in some discographies, but because they cannot be documented I have left them out of this list. They may exist on studio tapes somewhere.

Stuff Smith (originally recorded in 1944 on Selmer 78ís)

Blues In Mary Flat
Blues In Stuffís Flat
I Got Rhythm
Sweet Lorraine

Coleman Hawkins (recorded in 1946, originally on Victor 78ís)

Say It Isnít So
Low Flame
Allenís Alley

Beryl Booker (recorded in 1946, originally on Victor 78ís)

Low Ceiling
I Only Have Eyes For You
Donít Blame Me

Mary Lou Williams (recorded in 1946, originally on Continental and Victor 78ís)

Rumble Re-bop
Blues At Mary Louís
Fifth Dimension
Harmony Grits
It Must Be True
Boogie Misterioso

Mercer Ellington Octet (originally recorded in 1946 on Aladdin 78ís)

Sheís Got The Blues
The Willies
Messy Bessie
Ditty a la Dizzy

Joe Turner (originally recorded in 1947 on Imperial 78's)

Roll 'em Pete
Ice-man Blues

Hank Trueman (originally recorded in 1947 on Aladdin 78ís)

Youíve Changed
What Will I Tell My Heart
I Cover the Waterfront

Jack Pleis (originally recorded in 1947 on Decca 78ís)

Youíre Gonna Get a Letter in the Morning
Wonder Whereís My Man Tonight

The Mary Osborne Trio (originally recorded in 1946 on Signature 78ís)

What To Do
Maryís Guitar Boogie
Blues In Maryís Flat
Oops My Lady
Hoodle Addle
The One Who Belongs To Someone Else

Mary Osborne (originally recorded in 1947 on Decca 78ís)

Funny, Funny What a Dime Can Do
Please Donít Kiss Me

Mary Osborne Trio (originally recorded in 1947 on Decca 78ís)

Donít Lie To Me

Mary Osborne Trio (originally recorded in 1947 on Coral 78ís)

Thank You Mother Nature
No Moon At All

Clark Terry

Cats vs. Chicks (MGM E255, 1954)

Tyree Glenn

At The Embers (Roulette 25009, 1957)
At The Roundtable (Roulette 25050, 1958)
Letís Have A Ball (Roulette 25115, 1958)
At The London House (Roulette, 25138, 1961)

Elliot Lawrence

Music For Trapping (Sesac, NL 1157, 1958)

Art Ford

Art Ford's Jazz Party (Audiofedelity 1050, 1958)

Mary Osborne

A Girl and Her Guitar (Warwick 2004, 1959)

Gene Krupa and Louis Bellson

The Mighty Two (Roulette 52098, 1963)

Marian McPartland

Nowís The Time (Halycon Records Hal 115 1977)

Mary Osborne

Now and Then (Stash 215, 1982)

Available CDs

Hittin' On All Six Ė History Of Jazz Guitar, Proper Records, 1009
Stuff Smith 1939 - 1944, Classics Jazz, 1054
Coleman Hawkins, The Bebop years, Proper Records,PROPERBOX14
Mary Lou Williams, 1945 Ė 1947, Classics Jazz, 1050
Clark Terry, Verve 314 537 754-2,1997

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